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Let's Create Art Studio

Summer Camps, Classes and Workshops run all summer long.

About Ann Felice, Founder and Owner of Let's Create


My granddaughter showed a natural talent for expression through color on paper, but could find no way acceptable to her to develop. LET'S CREATE has given her the opportunity to do just that, through professionalism, understanding and a kind hand.

Keith Batley

I had the pleasure of taking my 11 year-old granddaughter to a 4 -Day Summer Workshop at Let’s Create Art Studio in Denville. I really had no idea what to expect and was truly amazed at what I saw this group of children create in the few short hours. They worked with charcoal, drawing a still life of an orange in front of a ceramic pitcher. The results were an image of what they actually saw showing the depth and reality. The four days flew by for her and I believe the experience has awakened a desire to pursue further art classes. The teacher Miss Janet is masterful, Bravo!

Betsy Wright

Let’s Create is so much more than a quality art studio. It is a devoted community that fosters self worth, individuality, acceptance, and meaningful friendships. Without the special attention, dedication and talent of Mrs. Felice and the teachers at Let’s Create my daughter would not have developed the skill and confidence to follow her dream of becoming a professional artist.

Joan Lockwood