Dear Families and Friends of Let's Create Art Studio:

We would like to send our deepest thanks and much appreciation to all of those that entered to enjoy the wonderful world of Art with us, and to the Town of Denville for being a delightful and wonderful place to be for the past 11 years. We also extend our appreciation to the town of Boonton where we called home for the 10 years prior.

We celebrate the 21 Year Anniversary of Let’s Create Art Studio

Please JOIN US for a

Celebration Party

Sunday, June 6th from 2 o’clock to 4:00 p.m.

You and your family are welcome to join us

or some fun, refreshments & music!

Please join us for the NJ Highlands Juried Art Exhibit


It is hosted here at Let's Create

RECEPTION Sunday, June 6, 3-6 p.m.

106 Broadway, Denville NJ. 07834.   973-299-0633


My son absolutely loves coming to any class here (he's taken regular classes as well as attended summer camp for the 2nd year in a row now). He comes home so excited to show us what he's made and talks about how much he can't wait to go back!!

Russell McBride 

When I moved to Denville and heard about Let's Create Art Studio, I was so excited to find out that Mrs. Felice was still teaching children art. She was my elementary art teacher and she helped to develop my love for art. I knew I had to get my art-loving 6 year old to Let's Create. She just finished a week of art camp there and she is so sad that it's over. She came home each day with impressive projects and was so excited to share how she made them all. In her words, "I love art camp! I learned how to make so many new things." She can't wait to go back to Let's Create!

Tara Donatiello

When my 7 year old Grandson, Tristan, told me how happy he is at Summer Camp at Let’s Create Art Studio I was beyond elated. He even told me that next year this is the only place he wants to go to for Summer Camp. When he was little I used to sit down with him and color with his coloring books and crayons. He would, of course, go over the lines and as hard as I tried to get him to stay inside the lines, nothing worked. One day he brought a picture he had colored in his Kindergarten class so beautifully that I asked him if he had colored it. I was so happy to see his coloring improve so young and by 6 years old he was drawing beautifully using art tutorials. When my daughter and I were discussing different options for summer camp, the subject of art camp came up because we have seen how much he loves art. My daughter researched so many of the local art studios offering summer camp programs, sadly none of them offered classes for his age. Then she found that Let’s Create Art Studio will work with kids from 5 year olds and up. They let the kids use all different kinds of art equipment and painting methods without limitations which really expands their creativity! Watching my grandson show such an appreciation for art, and create beautiful art work has brought so many nostalgic memories for me when I used to sketch fashions and portraits with charcoal. That was 31 years ago and suddenly, through watching how happy my grandson is at Let’s Create Art Studio, I feel inspired to pursue art again. I have already spoken with Mrs. Felice, the owner, about taking water color classes in the Fall. I have been looking for something to do for me, and allow myself some “ME” time that I desperately need. I need to thank my Grandson, Tristan, for helping me find my passion again. Art is for everyone. It gives you the chance to expand your mind and your creativity behind the horizon.

Jenna Meissner

Let’s Create is so much more than a quality art studio. It is a devoted community that fosters self worth, individuality, acceptance, and meaningful friendships. Without the special attention, dedication and talent of Mrs. Felice and the teachers at Let’s Create my daughter would not have developed the skill and confidence to follow her dream of becoming a professional artist.

Joan Lockwood

My 7yo son did a week of summer camp and absolutely loved the whole experience. He brought home very cool and impressive creations each day and was very proud to show them off. He and I both wish we could fit another week of camp into our summer schedule. He is already asking to take more classes in the fall. Mrs. Felice is great with the kids and made everything so easy for the parents - supplies and snacks are all provided. I just had to drop him off and pick him up! I would highly recommend the camp to anyone with a child interested in art or that likes crafts.

Jacqueline Seys

So glad to have found this gem! My 10 yo has been taking classes for about a year now. She loves going to every class and I am thoroughly impressed by the work she brings home. The instructor(s) are warm and knowledgeable, and I have definitely seen an improvement in her skills! It is also a ton of *f*u*n*. She is already planning her next class.

Elizabeth McNutt

My granddaughter showed a natural talent for expression through color on paper, but could find no way acceptable to her to develop. LET'S CREATE has given her the opportunity to do just that, through professionalism, understanding and a kind hand.

Keith Batley

I had the pleasure of taking my 11 year-old granddaughter to a 4 -Day Summer Workshop at Let’s Create Art Studio in Denville. I really had no idea what to expect and was truly amazed at what I saw this group of children create in the few short hours. They worked with charcoal, drawing a still life of an orange in front of a ceramic pitcher. The results were an image of what they actually saw showing the depth and reality. The four days flew by for her and I believe the experience has awakened a desire to pursue further art classes. The teacher Miss Janet is masterful, Bravo!

Betsy Wright

Our daughter, Emma has attended Let’s Create for three years, and we could not be more pleased. Her teacher, Miss Bernadine, has been exceptional and has helped Emma grow and develop as a student artist. This year, we had Emma’s 7th birthday party at Let’s Create. Emma and her friends were treated to personalized art instruction, and were treated to gifts they could take home with them. The Let’s Create staff including owner, Ann Felice, could not have been more helpful and enthusiastic. They made Emma’s birthday a success. Other parents asked me if I wouldn’t mind if they held their daughters’ birthday parties here in the future I can not say enough about the energetic and supportive atmosphere at Let’s Create. My daughter is so excited to come here each week.

Roslyn Estrada

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